Jul 092010

From time to time, and for better or worse, Tattoos find themselves in the Headlines.

We at Magnum – as we have, well, a vested interest in tattooing in the media, will try to call your attention to some of these from time to time.

We’ll start off with a fun one:

From The Huffington Post

Some people choose to adorn themselves with iconic pieces of art from throughout the ages or their children’s names – and some people see their testament to body art coming in the form of a cat playing a keyboard.

Keyboard Cat Tattoo

Here at Magnum, we don’t cast judgement on the designs we put on people’s skin. We work with our customers to deliver designs and artwork according to their expectations and beyond.

…but you gotta wonder about whether the MySpace logo will look quite as cool – or if folks will remember what that was – on someone’s belly as time rolls on!

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