Aug 202010

Well, the Seattle Tattoo Expo over in – where else? – Seattle just wrapped up last weekend, and local TV station KIRO took a unique spin when covering the event.

While movies and TV shows seem to show ‘the kids’ getting tattooed, or considering getting some body art or piercings, the reporters did their homework and found that even more ‘older’ people (please don’t call us that) of the over-25 set were putting the needle to the skin.

Figures from a 2008 survey found that nearly one in four middle-aged men and women have at least one tattoo.

Interviewing tattoo enthusiasts at the event, reporter Alex Silverman talked to one Sue Falcone, who described her fixation with the artform.

She said she never thought she’d have a tattoo “until the day I got one.”

This monumentous occasion, she said, came at the age of 56.

“Now I have seven.”

Her experiences show that tattooing shouldn’t be thought of as some young, rebellious act, but rather something that requires personal reflection and consideration.

“Most of my tattoos have personal meaning for me,” Falcone told KIRO. “It’s just an extension of peoples’ personalities.”

The research from Harris also found that 84 percent of people who get tattooed never regret it.

Certainly, with a talented tattoo artist who listens to a customer’s needs and wants contributes to that greatly, and the rest probably just got a ‘great deal’ somewhere…

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