Tattoo Prices


Tattoo prices at Magnum Tattooing

Getting a tattoo or piercing should never be about finding the best deal in town – with prices that are too cheap, you could end up sacrificing quality and your general happiness with the finished work.

For pricing a tattoo, a lot of consideration is given by our artists here at Magnum Tattooing, and you should contact us to discuss your options. Someone getting a tattoo should understand that a lot of preparation will be deservingly dedicated to their body art experience.

One factor affecting prices is size, but others that go into determining the final cost of the tattoo include the detail of the design, the amount of color and whether the tattoo artist will draw up your idea from scratch. Cover up tattoos may also require a bit more consideration, which could factor into pricing.

At Magnum Tattooing, we always carry out the care essential to your happiness with your tattoo. A cheap tattoo may seem to cost less at the beginning, but we’ve been in the game long enough to know that it’s worth it to pay to get it done right the first time.