Nov 252011


As part of our ongoing effort to keep our customers fully aware of the world of tattooing, we’ve recently added some new pages to the website for your reading pleasure – focussing on tattoo history and other tattoo information.

Under our
page, you can find information on the history of Japanese tattoos, traditional tattoos, black and grey and more. With photo galleries to come (hey, we’re sitting on like 4 gigs of shop photos to sift through!), we hope it will be a comprehensive resource for those looking for information and history on tattooing styles. If there’s any other style of tattoo you’d like to see information on, just let us know through Facebook – and we’ll try to post more information when we can.

In addition, we’ve also posted some information on tattoo practices to avoid – such as the lure of cheap tattoos and home tattooing in general – as well as why to avoid them. Keeping you safe during your tattoo experience will always be a priority at Magnum, and we hope by reading through these pages, you’ll better understand why.

Our Other Tattoo Information page will also give you options for undoing a bad tattoo experience – all delivered by the talented Magnum staff. Whether you’re looking for cover up tattoos or tattoo removal, we can consult to find you the best solution.

So check out the new features when you get a chance, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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