Home Tattooing


Left in the hands of the wrong person, your body art could prove dangerous, making home tattooing and party tattoos a bad decision.

The State of Michigan now requires individuals operating as tattoo artists to pass a number of health-related tests regularly, and home tattooing practitioners usually avoid these standards. This makes getting home tattoos a potentially dangerous experience, not to mention entrusting your art to someone who may be vastly inexperienced.


Reasons against home tattooing

The reasons an individual should avoid home tattooing are plentiful, but all basically boil down to a lack of regulation on the facility and accountability of the artist.

Michigan’s Public Act 375 stipulates that “individuals shall not tattoo, brand, or perform body piercing on another individual unless that tattooing, branding, or body piercing occurs at a body art facility licensed by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).”

In an unregulated facility – ie someone’s home – any number of contagions, bacteria or contamination may be present. Just think of the normal things that might dirty your house – pets, children, dirty dishes, spilled food and drink – and then imagine someone piercing your skin, repeatedly and over large areas, in the same space.

That’s why Magnum Tattooing strongly condemns home tattooing. Even if the tattooer has good intentions, they may simply not have the knowledge of sterilization or even the proper training. And if it’s a fly-by-night operation, you might not ever see them again to follow up on a bad tattoo experience.


The alternative to home tattooing in Grand Rapids

Instead of rolling the dice on home tattooing, do you homework and choose a licensed, qualified and experienced tattoo studio. Ask around or call local shops to find the right one for your needs – and be sure not to fall into the lure of cheap tattoos.

Visit our Grand Rapids tattoo shop to talk tattoos – we’ve been at the forefront of sterilization for over 20 years – or call to arrange an appointment on (616) 245-1880.