Other Tattoo Information & Services


Not all tattoo shops or tattoo artists are built the same. Because of this, sometimes people end up having a tattoo experience they regret.

At Magnum Tattooing, we’re dedicated to delivering to you the most hygienic experience possible, along with giving you long-lasting and high quality body art. However, you may have already had a bad experience with other tattooers. That’s why we offer a number of speciality tattoos services.


Other tattoo services

Magnum has been a fixture in the Grand Rapids tattoo community for over twenty years, and we’ve helped many people with cover up tattoos after bad experiences elsewhere. Depending on the nature of your existing tattoo, we can create designs to fully conceal a poorly executed tattoo.


Tattoo practices to avoid

Magnum Tattooing can also give some advice on what practices to avoid when choosing a shop or artist. Say, while cheap tattoos could seem like a bargain, they also might cost you more in the long run.

Also, no matter what you hear, going the home tattooing route could end up a painful and regrettable experience. Too many factors are at play in tattooing, and someone operating out of their home could leave you prone to infection or just bad artwork.


Visit Magnum Tattooing for art or consultation

If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, Magnum Tattooing can help. Call or visit our Grand Rapids tattoo shop to see what you can do to make your body art better.

Stop by 2317 S. Division in Grand Rapids or call us at (616) 245-1880.