Traditional tattoos


Traditional tattoos, also known as Old School tattoos or Sailor tattoos, are reminiscent of the style of tattooing popular in the early 20th century.

This style of tattooing experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 2000s, with many artists focussing on developing their traditional tattooing style. At the same time, neo-traditional tattoos, which combine the classic, old school style with modern subject material, have also grown in popularity.


Love Kills Slowly, tattooed by Alex Del

Traditional tattoo designs and history

As more people began sporting traditional tattoos, certain names became well known as masters of the trade. Artists such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy are now known even by those outside of tattoo culture, as they’ve lent their names to products such as rum or clothing lines.

Sailor Jerry especially developed or refined the designs now associated with early movements in tattoo culture. His specialities included nautical stars, tattered traditional scroll banners, patriotic American designs, dangerous animals such as snakes and tigers. Sailor Jerry’s traditional tattoo designs also frequently show pin-up girls and alcohol.


Traditional tattooing in Grand Rapids

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