Realistic Tattoos


Realistic tattoos portray objects, animals, people and more in true-to-life designs, often based on photographs.

This tattooing style requires a highly skilled artist with a fine attention to detail, and a careful application and aftercare process to ensure the best-looking designs.


Reasons for choosing a realistic tattoo design

Collectors often choose realistic tattoo designs to commemorate a loved one through portraiture, or create striking designs of objects or animals.

Realistic tattoos can incorporate black and grey tattoo designs, but can also be color tattoos as well. Collectors should consult with an experienced tattoo artist when deciding between color or black and grey to see what best suits the design.


Realistic tattoos in Grand Rapids

Magnum Tattooing has been a fixture in the Grand Rapids tattoo community for over 20 years, and has delivered many realistic tattoo designs to enthusiasts in that time.

Call our Grand Rapids tattoo shop at (616) 245-1880 to discuss realistic tattoos, or other designs such as Japanese tattoos or traditional tattoo designs.