Color tattoos


Color tattoos are a relatively new phenomenon in the overall history of tattooing, which stretches back thousands of years.

While black and grey tattoo designs may have been the first of all tattoo styles, the use of colored inks for body adornment came a bit later. However, color tattoos are now at least as popular as black and grey designs, if not more so.


Why choose color tattoos?

Color tattoos can greatly enhance a tattoo with a black ink base or a talented tattoo artist can create you a design based all in color. These can be more eye-catching than black ink designs, as they can feature bright hues and complex designs.

In addition, many tattoo styles have color components, including traditional tattoos and Japanese tattoos.

Color tattoos will require an especially high degree of aftercare as well, as lighter colors can be especially susceptible to sun damage.


Color tattoos in Grand Rapids

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