Black and grey tattoos


Black and grey tattoos could be considered the oldest style of tattooing, as tribes adorned their skin with dark inks, using skin color as natural flourishes in the designs.

Today, the concept of black and grey tattooing remains the same, while the technical skill level of artists and complexity of designs have both increased. Still, black and grey designs use mostly black ink, with the lack of ink on a collector’s skin providing the contrast of the black fills.

 Lion Tattoo by Jimmy InkerWhy choose black and grey tattoos?

Today, many impressive designs have been made using just black ink the black and grey tattoo approach, including portraits and realistic tattoos.

Black and grey tattoos are also the most resilient of tattoo styles, as the dark ink fares better against sun exposure when compared with lighter colors. In addition, as large portions of the tattoo may consist of natural skin tones, they can be quicker to complete and less painful than color tattoos.


Black and grey tattoos in Grand Rapids

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