What kind of tattoo should I get?


Tattooing has a long, storied history and influences from all over the world. Considering that, there’s no wonder there’s such a wide array of styles to choose from when you think of what tattoo you should get.

While the immediate difference between black and grey tattoos and color tattoos may seem apparent, there are also different ways of application and technique for the tattoo styles.


Choosing between different styles of tattoos

While the list of tattoo styles can be exhausting, you’ll find several basic styles to guide your decision:

Realistic tattoos – These tattoos can incorporate black and grey or color techniques, and represent objects, animals or people in a true-to-life tattoo style.
Traditional tattoos – This style calls on the types of tattoo designs popular in the early 20th century. Masters and champions of the traditional tattoo style include Sailor Jerry Collins and Ed Hardy.
Japanese tattoos – Japan has its own unique styles of tattooing, largely influenced by traditional body adornment methods and woodblock art.


Choose from many different styles at Magnum

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