Bloodborne Pathogens


Bloodborne Pathogens

Workers in the tattoo and body piercing field – along with those in the health care profession – are at risk for contacting any number of bloodborne pathogens, and we at Magnum Tattooing and The Amulet work to ensure the safety of our patrons and ourselves.

Some well-known, and very serious, bloodborne pathogens include the hepatitis B virus, the hepatitis C virus and the human immunodeficiency virus. Our tattoo artists and body piercers take all the appropriate measure to ensure any body art received at Magnum and The Amulet is done in the most sterile of conditions to minimalize any contact with these pathogens.

Pathogen sterilization

Bloodborne pathogens are most often encountered when working with needles, so it’s standard practice at any reputable tattoo shop, including Magnum and The Amulet, to never reuse a tattoo needle. These are taken from the machine and placed in a protected disposal unit, then later picked up by a medical supply company to be destroyed.

In addition, tubes – where the tattoo artist grips the machine – are cleansed using autoclave sterilization after every use.

Bloodborne pathogen training certification

In addition to employing the best sterilization practices available, Magnum Tattooing artists have also been trained by local medical authorities on best practices when working in an environment with the possibility of contact with bloodborne pathogens.