Aftercare – Tattoos


Approximate Healing Time: Two to Four weeks


Supplies needed:

Antibacterial soap
A&D ointment
Mild skin lotion


Aftercare Instructions:

Keep your new tattoo bandaged for approximately two (2) hours.

Wash hands, carefully remove bandage and gently wash entire area with antibacterial soap and water. We recommend soaps free of dyes or fragrances for tattoo aftercare.

Dry the tattoo area (preferably with paper towel or something free of potential contamination), apply a thin layer of A&D ointment and wipe off the excess. This should be done two to four (2-4) times daily for the first two to three (2-3) days.

Following this, you should continue to clean the area thoroughly, and may apply a small amount of mild skin lotion to aid with drying of the skin until fully healed.


Additional considerations:

Avoid sun, saltwater and chlorine water while your tattoo heals. If scabbing occurs on the tattoo, do not pick.


Questions on Tattoo aftercare?

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