Health and Safety


Health and safety

At Magnum Tattooing and The Amulet Body Piercing studio, your health and safety, as well as that of our staff, are of utmost importance during the body adornment process.

Each surface that could come into contact with any bodily fluid is sanitized and broken down after every client and our steel tubes (used to grip the tattoo machine when tattooing) are sterilized in an autoclave after every use.

Tattoo needles are never – nor should they ever be – reused.

Training and regulations

The State of Michigan has enforced strict laws regarding how a tattoo shop must operate and sanitize their facilities. Magnum Tattooing and The Amulet, which have been at the forefront for advocating cleanliness standardization in the industry for over 20 years, have always performed at the highest level of these standards.

Our staff are also trained in working in an environment where blood will be present, achieving certificates of completion from local medical authorities for Bloodborne Pathogens training.