Aug 092012

From Tuesday, August 14 to Thursday, August 16, Magnum Tattooing in Grand Rapids will open its doors to the wonderful talents of Stephanie Tomlinson of Stained Skin / Second Skin in Newark, Ohio.


Stephanie has 12 years’ experience in tattooing, starting off in Columbus, Ohio, before moving to Stained Skin / Second Skin nine years ago. She has visited the Grand Rapids area previously, but this will be her first guest spot at Magnum, the city’s longest-running tattoo parlor.


Tomlinson has developed a style all her own, blending contemporary and Victorian designs. In addition, many of the characters in have human characteristics replaced with those of animals, like this nifty cat portrait.

Victorian cat portrait tattooWe’re pleased to have Stephanie join us at our Grand Rapids tattoo parlor for a few days and we hope you get the chance to meet her while she’s here! In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from her portfolio.


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