Contact Magnum Tattooing


Contact Magnum Tattooing

The best way to learn more about Magnum Tattooing and its roster of artists is to stop by our shop on S. Division between Burton and 28th Street in Grand Rapids, right off US 131. By visiting the Magnum Tattooing studio, you can peruse our artists’ portfolios, view our sterile but relaxed environment and meet our friendly and knowledgable staff. Discuss your body art desires and schedule future appointments at:
Magnum Tattooing, Inc
2317 S. Division Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
or phone (616) 245-1880 to speak with our experienced artists.

Contact our piercing staff at The Amulet

Located right next door to Magnum Tattooing, you’ll find The Amulet piercing studio, West Michigan’s only shop dedicated exclusively to body piercing. Stop by to chat with our piercers at:
2315 S. Division Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
or call (616) 245-3117 to speak with our staff about appointments, new jewelry or care techniques.

Explore Magnum Tattooing online

Browse our galleries on to get a feel for our artists’ work and our clean, medically licensed facilities. You can also find us on Facebook and, to a lesser extent, on Twitter.

At this point, neither appointments nor requests for artwork will be accepted online or via email, but feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you think about the shop at or