Alex Del


Alex DelAlex Del’s interest in art, which would later develop into his career as a tattoo artist, started at a very young age, as he would draw his own versions of the characters he saw on TV as a child.

As time went on, Alex became more and more interested in the art of tattooing, and received his first tattoo as a teenager. As he collected several more tattoos, he started studying the craft and technique of tattooing and eventually moved into the industry.

Alex learned a lot about professional tattooing through friend and colleague Jimmy “Inker” Holland, including safe tattooing methods and machine mechanics.

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Alex’s tattoo style and interests

Alex says traditional tattoos are his favorite style, owing to the thick line work and brilliant colors usually associated with them. However, a quick look through Alex’s portfolio shows a diversity of styles.

He’s also an experienced custom tattoo artist, meaning, like all Magnum artists, he can create a design to fit a customer’s tastes.


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You can find Alex at Magnum Tattooing at 2317 South Division. Visit our Grand Rapids tattoo parlor to schedule work with Alex Del or any of our talented artists.

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