Since its founding by Jay Morton in 1988, Magnum Tattooing has maintained a roster of award-winning tattooists who’ve stayed at the forefront of sterility without sacrificing their high degree of artistic quality.


Meet the artists of Magnum Tattooing

Magnum’s founder, Jay Morton, still operates out of the Grand Rapids location in a limited capacity, but he has also made way for the hottest artists the area has to offer. Jaime Morton adopted the family trade and has been tattooing since 2003, after serving as a piercer for The Amulet. She now also works at the shop manager at Magnum.

Artist Skot Ives joined the shop in 2014, with Dylan Barker coming aboard in 2016 to round out the roster.

At Magnum Tattooing, customers can investigate all our artists’ portfolios to decide which style best suits theirs.