History – Magnum


Magnum Shop Front

Magnum Tattooing in Grand Rapids

Jay Morton founded Magnum Tattooing in 1988, after studying design engineering, and today it stands as the longest continuously running studio in West Michigan. Magnum Tattooing not only became the first medically certified and city-licensed facility in Grand Rapids, but has pushed in its 20-plus year existence for higher safety and sanitary standards industry-wide.

Magnum: A driving force in Grand Rapids tattooing

Since 1988, Magnum has fostered the talents of many artists in the Grand Rapids area and beyond, with many local tattooists apprenticing or taking up booths at its S. Division location. The shop has also drawn the cream of the international crop to Western Michigan by sponsoring prestigious guest spots at its original premises. Magnum and its associated artists have, over the years, won hundreds of awards in tattoo competitions, in addition to organizing over a dozen tattoo expos in Grand Rapids and West Michigan, including the Valentine’s Day Tattoo Contest and Celebration of the Skin.

The Magnum Tattooing legacy lives on

Jay’s daughter, Jaime Morton, joined the Magnum Tattooing roster in 2001 as a piercer at The Amulet, later apprenticing and become a full-time artist, and has most recently taken over much of the day-to-day running of Grand Rapids’ iconic tattoo studio. The younger Morton has continued her father’s emphasis on tattooing safety and maintained the high quality of work generated by Magnum Tattooing staff in her tenure.